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PneumObile Canada's development will progress through a number of phases:
Phase Funding Goal
1. Product Assessment $100,000
1a. Continual monitoring of product development progress.
1b. In-person examination and test drive of the product. If the product does not meet expectations, PneumObile Canada will halt operations at this time, and all investments will be returned, minus expenses to date.
1c. Value-added product exploration. PneumObile Canada will examine ways of enhancing the value of the primary products through value-added modifications, accessories, and services.
2. Production License Acquisition $20-30M
2a. Initially, PneumObile Canada will purchase production licenses for the products for several of the largest cities in Canada and the United States, where the product is most needed. We will also consider some locations in Mexico, if production licenses for those locations are still available.
2b. At this point, depending on revenues and investments, we will determine whether to proceed to Phase 4, or halt at Phase 3.
2c. Our options at this point will be to lease production licenses to third party manufacturers, or proceed with the establishment of manufacturing facilities ourselves, or a combination of the two.
3. Incorporation undetermined
3a. Initial Public Offering. Pre-IPO shares will be converted to preferred shares.
3b. No timeline is set for this phase, but it will occur prior to the construction of manufacturing facilities.
4. Establishment of manufacturing facilities. $100M
4a. The first manufacturing facility will be constructed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
4b. Manufacturing facilities are designed by the parent company, Moteur Developpment International, to service the local area in which they are situated.
4c. Manufacturing personnel will be hired locally and trained by the parent company.