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Hello, and welcome to The DNE Group.

The DNE Group is a consortium of companies founded by Jesse Cian Fawcett. In addition, we provide IT consulting services, web design and development, graphic design, digital audio engineering, and other Information Technology services.

DNE Productions logo - violet to yellow colour gradient version
DNE Productions, The DNE Group's first company, is a record label dedicated to encouraging and developing the talents of up-and-coming artists, as well as providing an outlet for established artists, in all genres of electronic music. Founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1996, DNE Productions is currently based in Sasseenos, British Columbia, and features work from artists in Canada, the US, the UK, Israel and Germany. DNE Productions also features performer and DJ profiles and streaming mixes, a music equipment shop, and various other services.

SlushWear.com logo
SlushWear.com began life as a web design demonstration site, launched November 1, 2001. SlushWear.com is a multi-vendor outdoor sport and wilderness outfitting e-catalogue, specializing in snowsports, paddlesports, mountainsports, and inclement weather gear.

Project Ebi Tamago logo, depicting a pink shrimp
Project Ebi Tamago is an experiment in memetic engineering, on-going but largely on hiatus for the past couple of years due to a lack of resources. The goal of the experiment is simply to create a fictional personality, and generate self-replicating hype surrounding that personality. The success of the experiment will be measured in either the creation and sustenance of a mass-media meme, or the commercial success of the Ebi Tamago personality. Ebi Tamago, by the way, is named after two kinds of sushi: Ebi (shrimp or prawns), and Tamago (egg or omelette).

PneumObile Canada logo
PneumObile Canada is a franchise opportunity with Moteur Developpement International of Nice, France, to manufacture and sell their compressed air-powered automobiles in various locations in North America, for which The DNE Group is currently seeking investors and large-scale (fleet) customers. As it is a franchise opportunity, there is little or no need for research and development; the technology is already well-developed. The parent company estimates a 3-year ROI, but given that North American markets would likely be slow in adopting this technology, a 5-year ROI should be a sufficiently conservative estimate.

WiUbiquity/WiEverywhere (working names) is a project for which The DNE Group is currently seeking investors, to provide a ubiquitous broadband wireless mesh network infrastructure across Canada, based on the IEEE 802.16 (WiMax) standard and the IPv6 protocol. Such an infrastructure would offer a relatively low-cost option for supplying broadband Internet access to remote communities and residences, compared to the prohibitive cost of both cable and satellite services, and at the same time would provide an invaluable communications tool for emergency services personnel, law enforcement and armed forces personnel, and both wilderness and business travellers.

Every day, millions of dollars are spent on the purchase of personal data, and not a cent goes to the owners of that data, that is, the individuals described therein. At the same time, thousands of person-hours are spent searching for information on a variety of topics. The DNE Group is proposing, and seeking investors for, the development of a data clearinghouse, that would accumulate data in a searchable database, and allow the producers, owners and gatherers of data to profit from the dissemination and use of their data.